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Face.hide® is a lifestyle brand established in Alba in 2020. Our collections are engineered as Drops. Every Drop is different and
tells its own story. Our aim is to create Eyewear Collectibles and other things | Made in Italy

We are constantly hungry for new inspirations and curious about everything that surrounds us. We dig into the past, we are rooted
into the present, and we design with future in our minds. 

We believe in Beauty.

Beauty isn’t essential, but it’s necessary.

We do not believe in quantity. That’s why our products are built only for the ones that really want them. A significant part of our items is made in limited quantity and then numbered.

We believe in people. We love to create connections and collaborate with other realities to create unique outputs. Most of our products are
genderless. We involve our customers in the creativity process. For example our signature eyewear packaging is meant to be repurposed in any way you like. You just have to get creative about it. This embodies the essence of zero-waste for us: creating long-lasting, multi-purpose objects.

These are the ingredients of our visual language.

Face the Beauty

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