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Face.hide S/S 24 Eyewear Collection is engineered with Kintsugi, a complex Japanese technique used to recover broken ceramics with golden sutures.
Every frame looks like it’s been restored using gold alongside the path of the fracture.

Drop 8

Nightlife Essentials. The perfect equipment for night explorers.

Drop 7

Raider is conceived as a genderless frame combining high-tech sportswear references with the latest fashion trends. This eyewear piece features a single high-grade shield lens in five colourways: Ultraviolet, Allblack, Bluesilver, Fiamma and Gold. The outline of our logo is engraved on the frame's lens because, you know, devil's in the details.

Drop 6

For this Drop we have matched references coming from industrial heritage and high-end materials, defining a new take on everyday jewellery, perfectly embodied by our "Industrial Pearls". Both rings are made from 925 Sterling Silver with Black Gold plating. All our jewels are forged in Italy. We also present three new colourways of the "Numero 0" frame: Monumento, All Black and Havana Scuro.

Drop 5

"Numero 0" is our first frame, made from the finest Italian acetate. This frame blends bold classic lines with a contemporary approach to design and colours, crafting something that stands out but yet is perfect for everyday use. Great relevance has been given to details: the logos on both temples are lasered and then hand-painted. All the frames are handcrafted in Italy by selected manufacturers. We designed our multi-purpose packaging to create something unique, that can be reimagined as a flower pot for example, and million other things.

Drop 4

In May 1968 Paris was hit by several unrests, creating the frame for some radical social changes. It was from those ashes that flourished the Atelier Populaire. These protesting groups occupied the Ècole des Beaux Arts and they started to print out their manifestos. For Drop 4 we have reworked four graphics out of the original 1968 ones and then created two Tees and two Hoodies. The first X orders will get the matching limited edition graphic we have printed on vintage pages, such as Baudelaire’s “Les Feurs du Mal”. Each page has been numbered and stamped. Feel free to hang our prints wherever you want to, and help us to awaken the spirit of this revolution once again.

Only the first X orders will get the matching limited edition print, so don't be late.

Drop 3

One-of-a-kind hand selected military pieces reworked and reimagined for everyday use. Upcycled from original vintage items. PVC pockets come from recycled materials too. And yes, it means that you'll be the only one wearin'it.

Drop 2

Your favourite everyday Tees made with fully-organic cotton. Drop 2 features five different colourways with screen-printed graphics. The "One track mind" Tee draws inspiration from a specific print from Atelier Populaire in Paris, 1968.

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