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In May 1968 Paris was hit by several unrests against the establishment, creating the frame for some radical social changes. It was from those ashes that flourished the Atelier Populaire. These protesting groups occupied the Ècole des Beaux Arts and they started to print out their manifestos. For Drop 4 we’ve reworked four graphics out of the original 1968 ones and created your new favourite Tees and Hoodies. With the same graphics we have then created four kind of serigraphies printed on vintage pages, such as Baudelaire’s “Les Feurs du Mal”. Feel free to hang our print wherever you want to, and help us to awaken the spirit of this revolution once again.

Only the first X orders will get the matching limited edition print, so don't be late.

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Death Hoodie


Social Tee


Beauty Tee

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